Change Logs

Oct-13-2006    Add a page for MSS framework, which includes our enhancement to the current MMC driver. Check it out!!!

Sep-20-2006    Update the PXA27x information. Marco told us they ported u-boot on the Mainstone PXA270.

Sep-06-2006    Upload the new EABI tool chain. You can find it in downloads page.

Aug-28-2006    Setup the site and add some existing basic information for PXA25x, PXA26x and PXA27x.


Intel® Application processors, based on Intel XScale® microarchitecture, deliver advanced integration, leadership multimedia performance and superior power savings for full-featured wireless cell phones, communicators and PDAs. It includes Intel® PXA255 processor, Intel® PXA26x processor family, Intel® PXA27x processor family.

PXA Linux is a port of the Linux kernel for PXA based processor based devices and  machines. The current Linux-2.6 supports PXA architecture already. But the support of some drivers are still missing. We will try to port the unsupported drivers to the latest kernel and submit the patches to the main line Linux kernel. You can find all the patches at downloads page. We are using Intel® PXA27x processor developer's Kit and Intel® PXA255 Development platform.

Except the Linux kernel patch for PXA, this project provides file system, compiler and boot loader. The developers can easily use the resources in the project/web site to run Linux on their PXA devices.

We hope the project can be a valuable place for all the PXA Linux developers and ARM developers (of course).


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